Feminine Life Cycles inspires women to live well, inviting them to be fully aware of, and present to, the life season they’re currently living in.

“Still very much in its infancy, this site/work is the convergence of my life experience and education so far. Much of it has been inspired by the work of Jane Hardwicke Collings as well as my lifelong loves of dance and story. Some of you may remember my involvement with Barefoot Magazine … my hope is to build the blog into an online magazine where women can access lots of great stories and articles about the different life seasons we live through. Right now, it’s still quite sparse and needs more work, but it feels right to share it with you now.

I’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter with blog updates and workshop information and promise not to inundate with you any more than that if you sign up (on the home page). “

Charlotte ​​

Charlotte Young is actively engaged as an educator and writer, promoting body awareness and body acceptance among girls and women, depending on their life phase. Embodiment practice is integral to experiencing a healthy relationship with the body, so movement and mindfulness play a key role in the majority of programs she offers.

Storytelling is her other passion, whether it’s telling the stories herself, or inviting others to tell them, words have power and she loves using them. She has written and edited for numerous parenting publications and was the co-publisher of Barefoot Magazine for three years. She is the author of a book for breastfeeding mothers and her debut novel for young adults, “Ora’s Gold” came out in August 2016.