exploring maga

A 3 hr workshop, exploring ways to create physical and emotional health during the perimenopausal years – the season of Autumn/Maga in the feminine life cycle.

  • Re-frame the cultural paradigm of peri-menopause and menopause
  • Discover the wisdom of your body
  • Circle work/sharing
  • Movement practice
  • Mindfulness practice

Using the life seasons as our template, we’ll explore what it means to step fully into the Autumn of our lives. We’ll look at common symptoms and self-care tips, cultural misconceptions and taboos and how to get a a sense of claiming this phase as a positive experience, rather than wanting to disassociate or pretend it’s not happening. The focus will be on our inherent wisdom as women.  ​​

Saturday 9 September          

St Mark’s Community Hall
100 Hodgkinson St, Clifton HIll​

$85 / $70 Concession​


“I felt completely comfortable attending the Exploring Maga workshop by myself. It was a respectful inclusive space where we were all welcomed exactly as we were. There were no assumptions made about where we each were “at”. We listened, reflected, spoke, danced and were able to just “be”. I felt held and honoured in my journey as a woman. Thanks Charlotte.”

Sue Maslin, School Special Needs Co-ordinator

“Thank you Charlotte, for such an amazing day. Dancing into my maga phase was a deep and important journey for me.”

Maria Lerch, Yoga Instructor

“Thank you for the Exploring Maga Workshop Charlotte, it had and still does have a deeply meaningful impact on my life.
The beautifully held ritual space, movement (with fantastic music) and important information about the life stages of being a woman…all so essential in our lives as women.
I would like to experience the workshop again, and highly recommend it.”

Jan Alexander, Psychotherapist