Winter fem

Winter is the time for reflection to revel in all our contributions and achievements. After our Spring awakenings, Summer creations and Autumn abundance we now have time to know, value and enjoy our maturity. We have grown, blossomed and developed our femininity to accept the beauty in aging, ready to face the ultimate fundamental rite of passage.

We can choose to become the Crone as a mythical disagreeable, malicious, sinister woman seen in fairy stories and myths or, rightly select, the archetypal person of the wise woman reflecting our creativity. Within wisdom is freedom and the gift the Crone state is revealed.

We can review our past and muse at our dilemmas knowing they have no power or influence. As Winter Fems, we are free of desires and possibilities because we have autonomy, and without expectations and wishes we are unaffected. We are free to observe others and without judgment allow their journeys to unfold as they will. With respect, we love our maturing frames and laugh at the wrinkles. With joy, we are free to live with integrity and wisdom in this beautiful peaceful Season.